Sunday, April 18, 2010

Popular music.

So I just thought I'd give you all a taste of the music I hear in Ecuador.

Most popular American music:

-80s music in general(yeah, Mama, you would think it was ridiculous)
-Michael Jackson
-Ace of Base ("All that she wants" has to be one of the most popular bus songs and I can't even remember the last time I heard it in the United States
-Guns n Roses (in the mall)
-U2 (in the mall and on the radio)
-the song "Hotel California"
-American hip-hop
-Lady Gaga (of course)
-Black Eyed Peas ("Tonight's gonna be a good night" is one song that when it plays I just feel like throwing something and breaking it now.)

Most popular Latin American music:

-Reggaeton (for those of you who are unfamiliar here's a few links to some of the most popular songs that I've heard: and another one and one more so you can hear another artist as if any of these songs really sounded different )

-Salsa (in discotecas)
-Terrible ballads of some type (they have names for these types of music but I don't care to know because this is the terrible kind of music that plays in taxis or in overnight buses while you are trying to sleep)
-Ranchero (also terrible in my opinion, but I suppose it has some value for many people. It is Mexican)
-Juanes (I would say enough said. However, I realize many of you have never had the pleasure of listening to this artist. He is wildly popular in all of Latin America. Here is my favorite song of his: )
-Other types of Latin pop with such artists as Julieta Venegas, Mana, Makano, and many more)

That is just a taste. And as sarcastic as I might sound about some of these, I really enjoy the music here for the most part. I'll miss my share of Ace of Base and Reggaeton for sure. I'm sure I'm forgetting and leaving some out though. For anyone who's reading and in Ecuador with me or has been, feel free to remind me of some. And accompanying this post comes a lovely picture of the very famous Juanes. He's pretty easy on the eyes.


  1. oh my god scarlett. i am the EXACT SAME with "i gotta feelin tonight's gonna be a good night". i was sitting in a cafe the other day, attempting my homework. however, a lady sitting beside me had that song as her ring/text tone. so i heard it approximately every 30 seconds or so. i nearly screamed. if i never heard that song again, i would not be the least bit sad

  2. hahaha. oh my. what can that song have that is the least bit appealing?? i just don't get it.